are the stars out tonight?

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must... stop... checking... email...

spent today sorting out the guestlist for friday's shindig. unfortunately not as many people are bringing guests as i'd hoped they would, so there's going to be about 35 of us, which means £14 on the bar each. d'oh. i'm just going to be running around forcing alcohol down people's necks, whilst simultaneously drinking water myself (well i don't want to fall over or anything)!

oh those elbows. bought some new superplasters (advanced healing) from boots, which are like clear plastic which you put over the graze and leave for a week - supposed to help healing by keeping the wound wet, reduce pain and generally be grate, so far though i'm a bit worried about the amount of liquid in there - an interesting experiment, but i'm dreading them exploding in bed tonight. there's quite an impressive bruise on my left elbow now, a very tasteful shade of purple... but you didn't want to know that.

in other news i got my haircut, (took along this picture of edie sedgwick - came out pretty well. and i had a turkey and bacon bagel for lunch it was gorgeous. the cat really wanted the bagel for some reason, he just kept following it around. i think he must really like turkey because i let him sniff the wrapper when i was done and there were a few bits of bacon in there which he ignored completely.


shit i did it again.
so we all know that a bottle of wine is nice, even lovely, but that two bottles can only lead to pain and suffering, and vomit. guess what i did yesterday at the sinister picnic? yep, i got horribly drunk, vomited and fell over a crate when i was ordering my taxi home, severely grazing/bruising my elbows, which are desperately sore.
that nice asm walton got me home cleaned me up and generally looked after me, and what did i do? i gave him the full unexpurgated sob story of my life. including (but not restricted to) the sugar puffs incident, a range of mental illness (self harm, anorexia) and the perils of being a lone twin.
poor boy was more than a bit shocked. i can't believe i did this again. every time i get drunk i end up pouring my heart out to someone, and it's no fun. i've ruined shitloads of nights like that. and i was having a really good time too.
oh well at least most people who were there won't know who i am anyway.


coming up to my 21st (give or take a week or so), which is very exciting. i'm having a big party at bush hall. i sent out a load of invitiations last week and haven't really heard back from many people about it yet. d'oh. but i'm sure it'll all be fine.
things i have to do before then: get a haircut (plus blonde streaks if i can afford it), get my legs waxed, make tapes to last all night so noone has to dj (i'll post the track listings when i have), sort out baloons all that watching people preparing for clubnites must have rubbed off on me, need to make nigella lawson brownies instead of a birthday cake (sooo much easier), oh and i need to sort out a kind of mezze for people to have before the party to stop them being sick all over the place *s*.
i'm really looking forward to it - i'm sure i'll be stressed beyond belief this time next week (especially with monday being a bank holiday), but i want everything to be sorted before the day, so i can really have fun. wooh *s*.


aargh my brother got his a level results on thursday (all as thankyou for asking), and he wants to take a gap year and reapply next year. so that's what he's doing. but mum and dad are now totally totally freaked out, for no obvious reason. my mum now seems convinced that he's not going to get into any universities at all. but let's look at the facts
1) he has 3 1/2 as at alevel. and bluddy high ones at that
2) he's passionate about his subject
3) he's going to work in a museum for heavens sake
4) he's a nice bloke (although i guess i am biased)
anyway the whole thing is stupid. if i'd got 3 as at alevel i would have probably done exactly the same thing as him (fortunately for me i didn't - otherwise i'd have had to spend a year with my mum telling me there was no way i could get into uni). she better not keep this up, 'cos if she does it's going to be far worse for his self confidence than being turned down by oxford ever could be.
but i guess she's had a rough day (we went to see the twin of her best friend who died at easter), and the newspapers have been reporting a pile of rubbish. but you'd think she'd know not to believe everything she reads - she's in advertising for god's sake!


so it occurred to me that although i've been spending a lot of time making changes to the layout of the site, i haven't really posted much what you might call content.
yesterday i went to my friend tim's 21st, which was fun. all his friends are trained to sing and dance and such, there was karaoke. i was frankly rubbish. everyone else sounded like they were in the final 3 of pop idol. actually one of the liberty x people was meant to be there (she's a friend of tim's boyfriend), but he stranded her at the station by not having his mobile on him. which is kind of funny. plus i met tim's little niece who has the same birthday as me only 20 years later, what a little sweetie she is.
but my feeling is that i treat kids pretty much the same way i treat dogs: y'know, they're fun to spend a bit of time with but i wouldn't want one of my own. give me a cat anyday... well actually i have a cat, and he wouldn't react too well if people started giving me cats all over the place... so please don't give me a cat.
had a horrible hangover this morning, not helped by being woken up by child being fed in next room at 8am. ah well.


the last week has been very busy. plus i haven't had internet access. we went to dieppe and managed to find a hotel room (a minor miracle if you ask me). there was much kite flying done in england and in france. we met up with archel. i finally talked to tim, after ages of just missing each other. jess went to pride and i went to austin powers (not that i'm bitter). and stu and i had a little kiss that made me cry. ugh.

i read diva pointedly on the way home. he prolly got the message.


i think i've finally got this looking the way i want it. well it's not ideal, but i'm happier than i was. eventually i want to have exciting things like pictures and stuff up here, but for the moment, i'm happy to just post my randomness.
so stuart's here, and we were meant to be going to see tender trap tonight, but i phoned jess at about 7 to ask where the gig was and she said they were on in 15 mins, so we missed that. i think stu's a bit pissed off. course it doesn't help that i'm playing on the computer when i should be looking after him :)
then tomorrow we're probably going shopping (assuming the rain stops), then to see dressy bessy. and then we meet sarah on monday to head down to ph, which is gonna be fun. oh yeah. i sound really ironic typing this out, but i don't mean to. hmm.
i better let the cat in from the rain, poor little thing.


i've spent pretty much the whole day trying to get this blog looking right. It's still not perfect, but when i get home, then i can work on it without feeling guilty that i ought to be writing about varicose veins. (you think i'm joking? i'm so not).
i get to go home and my parents will ask me what i've written today and the truth is that i haven't written that much - i've spent most of today pissing about on the internet. some of it was research, but not all of it. ah well.
lemony snicket is a genius. i have read most of a series of unfortunate events this week, they are properly grate. and stephin merrit wrote a song about them, how gosh darn cool is that.
yay, buffy tonite. only 1hr and 10minutes to go.

well it's been ages since i used html, so this is a new and exciting experience. also it's exciting because i am currently sitting in emap healthcare hq, and typing in here, which is frankly pathetic - i've got plenty of other things to do today, but i'm really lazy.
well, up to a point.
the fact is that i've never managed to make a blog last - i usually post about once and then forget all about it. i'm hoping that having my own exciting url will mean that i manage to keep going. but that's no guarantee.