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the trouble with not having a commute to work is that i barely get any reading time anymore. sure i miss out on delayed trains and buses stuck in traffic, but conversely i never get to just sit and read and listen to my ipod (my poor ipod has had very little use since i started this job).

i just updated my media addict account, after seeing the last king of scotland last night. and i realised that i have been reading the same book since the beginning of the year (philip roth's american pastoral). there was a time when i could have finished that book in a day, and it's left me wondering where the time's gone.

of course, working 8/9 hours a day is a big part of it, especially when i'm also occasionally working in the evenings and on a saturday and i've been having 4 hours of driving lessons a week for the last few months. that's still only around 50 hours of a possible 168, though. allowing another 9 hours a day for sleeping (and daily ablutions - washing etc) leaves 55 hours a week of free time - about 7 hours and 50 minutes a day.

wtf? how on earth am i wasting nearly 8 hours of free time a day? my guess is that it's watching television and pissing about on the intarwebs. perhaps, as i haven't given anything up for lent this year (my plan was fizzy drinks but i failed miserably the first time i had a hangover) i should do a week without my laptop in the run up to easter... i'll let you know how that goes.

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yes it has been rather quiet round here, i know.
shaggy blog stories i wanted to draw your attention to the rather excellent looking shaggy blog stories, which has been put together by mike troubled-diva in aid of comic relief. it features pieces from some of my all-time favourite bloggers, including anna little red boat, petite anglaise and richard herring.

this book has been put together from submissions in just a week, which is indicative of just how much effort mike and his team have put in. i've been watching from afar (i'm just not funny enough for this sort of thing), and i've been very impressed.

it's all for a good cause. of course. and it definitely beats the old bath of baked beans as a means of raising cash.

i've just purchased my copy from, and i highly recommend you do too.

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