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coughs and sneezes...

it seems like everyone around me is getting colds at the moment - i haven't been properly poorly since august, which is actually quite unusual. i was expecting to get sick over christmas, when i had three weeks off - i treated every sneeze as a sign of impending mucus overdrive - but it never came. i didn't even have a flu jab this year (which i'm totally entitled to have).

i'm vaguely putting it down to growing up in london - because you're exposed to more germs in cities - viruses come in from foreign climes and you just get over them. the only time i've had the flu - to the best of my knowlege - was october aught three when i caught york fresher's flu just as i was starting at lcp. (incidentally, re-reading that month's posts, i'm struck by the legwarmers on her arms comment, strangely i knitted myself a pair of arm warmers just after christmas (although i'm calling them gauntlets). fashion really has come a long way in two and half years. or maybe i was just sheltered from it, being up in york.

work is, um, winding down in a way that is not terribly encouraging. i have a bad feeling that if i don't put my arse into serious gear i could end up getting dropped like a hot potato from the integrated multimedia content house. not that i don't have plans up my sleeve, but i like it here. le sigh.

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