are the stars out tonight?

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As i almost never doodle anything other than little boxes (on a hillside not so much) I thought this might be worth posting.

It does sum up my recent ennui, because what except boredom would inspire me to such feats of creativity?

I think it looks a little like jarvis doing rolf harris on stars in their eyes. Wearing a fez.

Wish i was there

because of the vagaries of my work timetable, i had 3 days off in the middle of last week. So i went down to lovely brighton and got sunburnt.

Unfortunately my recompense for this is the weekend from hell. Including the nightmare of a fifteen hour day yesterday, ending at half past midnight, then starting again at 9.30 this morning.

And due to wedding commitments (not her own) on the part of the very fabulous Shazz, there will be no indie socage for me next weekend. Le sigh.

Mmm self pity. Everyone's favourite blogger trait!

Usual service will resume shortly.