are the stars out tonight?

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christmas time is here

it may only be wednesday, but there's a distinct end-of-term feeling in the office today. in fact, i'm the only person left as the rest of the team have either started their holiday or are at christmas parties. i'm also feeling a bit guilty, because i've been given presents by two people, and given out none. which is a bit shocking. i meant to bake, but then i was too busy.

i gave stu and louise prints by andrew kendall for christmas (they've already opened them, so i'm not spoiling the surprise!) - he had a load of his equipment nicked earlier this year and his insurance company refused to cough up, so he hoping to get some money back through selling prints from his site. they are really good photos too.

so i'm sitting at my desk, listening to christmas music on pandora, and feeling a bit like a character in a tragedy-tinged sitcom.

this sporting life

i am a truly awful sportswoman. the reason for this is twofold: firstly, i am somewhat competitive; and secondly, i am terrible at any sport (even pseudo-sports like table football) you could name, with the possible exception of crazy golf.

poor eyesight, asthma, and general malcoordination put paid to any ambitions my parents may have had of my becoming a new mary decker or christine truman-janes. while my impressive idleness never failed to depress my games teachers, who were forever telling me to take my hands out of my pockets - perhaps to at least give the slight impression that i was vaguely interested in whatever athletic endeavour was taking place around me.

like many indie kids, when we were finally asked which sport we would like to play during the mandatory pe lesson, i played badminton. a game so indie that a weak wrist is a positive advantage!

and now the point...

on saturday, alice, kate, iain from the seven inches and i went bowling. this is not the sort of thing i would usually do, but the truly awsome pipettes were playing, and it seemed churlish not to.

i had envisioned it being like the opening scenes of josie and the pussycats, where the pussycats play to a near-empty bowling alley. it was actually quite a lot busier than that. we had to wait a couple of hours for a lane to become free, and during that time a certain amount of alcohol was cosumed. the more i drink, the better i get at scrabble. the same is not true of bowling (at least i hope it isn't). my score over ten frames was, er, 28. even iain, who had never bowled before, beat me.

to soothe my spirit, alice claimed i was too indie to be good at bowling. kate has put some pics up on her flickr page, including this one, which i think proves what alice said, and has given me a whole new excuse for my inability to succeed at anything that remotely resembles a sport - i'm just too indie.