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hiatus? what hiatus?

so k, and i and a couple of others are looking for somwehere to move to. we've looked at some houses, and the thing that has struck me, really, is how incredibly weird other people's houses are.

i mean it's something that you don't really notice visit people, but when you're actually looking at their house, and imagining it to be your own, that's the point at which you start thinking, mmm, this is a bit strange.

the house yesterday was particularly odd - the downstairs bedroom had a sort of bunk bed and then two single beds pushed together underneath. there were three full-length sofas in a room that would have been much more comfortable with only one. one of the bedrooms looked like a wedding cake. is it just something to do with rented houses? are the sort of people who rent cheapish places generally weird with the decorating?

of course, i lived in a pretty strange house myself in my second year at uni. there was a sort of concrete 'shower block' that could only be reached by going through the kitchen and the living room. there was a plastic hanging basket on the landing by my bedroom, with fake plastic plants in it. i slept on a mattress on a sort of futon on the floor. this was the house where the 'handyman' had nailed. the curtains. to. the. walls.

but even more wierd is the fact that i really loved that house, or my room anyway. it was strange but it definitely had character.