are the stars out tonight?

life and stuff


so i'm on this big jetsetty thing at the moment, having just got back from york, i'm going down to brighton this afternoon. in york, i got to demolish a sofa with gina and do lots of cleaning with sarah, as we were getting our house ready to give back to the landlady. i took this photo of sarah pretty early on, so you can probably imagine what it was like by the end. brighton should be a bit more relaxed.

then on monday, it's my birthday (hint hint), and we're going to the theatre (please let the weather be ok). and then next saturday it's off to st ives for a very exciting family holiday.

in general, if there's nothing new here, have a look at the photolog. thrills.


an ad on xfm has been catching my attention recently. it's for a tv series entitled lapdance island.

"e4 is looking for 10 hot blooded male contestants to battle it out as 40 professional lap dancers do everything in their power to make it hard for them." reads the website. oh god. i can just imagine the "hot blooded" twats who would apply for this sort of programme. which is probably the most unpleasant idea ever, and appears to be setting out to offend as many people as possible.

i'm hoping that it's the work of chris morris or some other twisted genius, and that the intention is to rip the "10 hot blooded male contestants" to pieces. possibly with lions. something like bill hicks' let's hunt and kill billy ray cyrus. but i fear that it might well be 4-real. and i shudder to think of it.

edited 27/08 - caitlin points out in the comments that it is indeed a hoax. But apparently, they had up to 20 000 applications. dickon's post on the same topic was rather more eloquent than mine. oh and my brother reminded me that the "let's hunt and kill" sketch also contains a producer asking hicks "will there be titties?", "lots of titties", "you're a genius".


ever since i got my exciting new phone, i've been taking pictures with the intention of setting up some kind of a photolog style thingy. without any server space or a decent computer, times were hard, and i thought my dreams were to be thwarted. it is, therefore, with great pleasure, that i introduce the ...stars... photolog (it's officially a moblog, but that's such an ugly word), which should be updated fairly regularly. at the moment there are only two pictures of my trip to the london eye on there, but i shall attempt to remedy that as i go along.

in other news, how does it feel on friday was as ace as ever. i totally heart ian watson for playing 25 miles every time i go. it makes the journey over to scary north london worth it. ooh and i danced to call and response. yay and double yay.


so sarah's carrie made a bet that she could double the number of visitors to this website i don't know if there's any kind of cash reward for the bet or if it's just for honour's sake, but i urge you to visit robot fist for carrie's sake, and look out for carrie graham, which is her. it's actually quite an entertaining site too, they're doing their hundred greatest singles at the moment, and it's pretty good. huzzah.


i've posted before about how i feel about mark owen, which is to say that i find him irresistable. there's just something about him... so today, i bought his new single, four minute warning, which initially sounds slightly like david bowie, but with a compulsive w. seriously, it's good, really.

also, i just re-read michael chabon's the mysteries of pittsburgh, a sort of american brideshead revisited, which contains this wonderful description of the summer after finishing university:

"it's the beginning of the summer and i'm standing in the lobby of a thousand-storey grand hotel, where a bank of elevators a mile long and an endless red row of monkey attendants in gold braid wait to carry me up, up, up, through the suites of moguls, of spies, and of starlets; to rush me straight to the zeppelin mooring at the art-deco summit where they keep the huge dirigible of august tied up and bobbing in the high winds. on the way to the shining needle at the top i will wear a lot of neckties, i will buy five or six works of genius on 45 rpm, and perhaps too many times i will find myself looking at the snapped spine of a lemon wedge at the bottom of a drink." (except of course he uses capital letters). too hot to write anything more original than that - although it seems unlikely that i ever will.


so bluddy hot. I feel like i'm melting (melting! Oh my world, my beautiful world!). If i was an ice cube before (i wasn't really), i'd be a pool of luke-warm water now. Trying to reorganise my room with sweaty and horrible consequences. Bleargh.


i've been here a year, that's so strange as to be almost incomprehensible. it can't really have been twelve months since i sat in greater london house, bored out of my mind and thought (for this was in the middle of the great sinister blog craze of 2002) i think i'll start one of those blog things.

i was going to put up my new layout today, but what with the computer here being rubbish and all, i'm going to leave it until i'm really happy with the design. that may be some time.

life is busy. i'm off to see some ladies in brick lane about a job. washing cars. le sigh.