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lately, at work, we've been looking at craft. since i got into knitting a couple of years ago (and cross-stitch just at the end of uni), this has been sheer bliss. i like hanging around the craftster forums, and looking for inspiration from the craftzine blog. i've found plenty, though none of it's really for my, y'know, actual job.

i sent off for put together book one from wee wonderfuls - just because i've never actually made a toy doesn't mean i can't try it! and i bought the yarn yesterday for this cute invisible stripe scarf. i can't, of course, start either of those, before i've finished my ravenclaw scarf - which i've slightly changed from this pattern, because 27 rounds of the same colour was just too boring - it's looking pretty awesome, if i do say so myself.

and last week, we went on a works outing to origin, which was amazing. it's really striking how crafting can transcend its women's institute/granny associations and become something really exciting.

we met a very nice girl from fred bare in york, and it reminded me of how great york was for that sort of thing - especially lovely duttons for buttons. i miss the frozen north. just as well i'll be up there soon!