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i have served a couple more 'famous' people recently. i don't count very minor celebrities like sol from hollyoaks, but my idea of a celebrity is probably different from a lot of people's.

#4 - last night, i was extremely, extremely excited to serve adam from the adam and joe show, which i loved a great deal when i was fifteen, although i rented the dvd over the summer and was disappointed to see that it hadn't aged very well. he had a rolling rock, and had a good chat to the guys who organise the caberet night we had on. Someone commented on what looked like an aerial sticking out of his back pack and he explained that it had been raining really hard and he didn't have an umbrella, so he'd stolen the parasol from his daughter's pram!

#5 - then today i was working in the coffee shop and we were just about to close up when toby young and his wife and baby daughter. they bought some card. it was fairly unremarkable, except maybe for the fact that mr young had just been changing a tyre and his hands were filthy.

(previously in this series mark owen , martin freeman and mos def)

britpop babies

stu emailed me this article from the times. it's all about a village in oxfordshire winning village of the year, but is remarkable because it includes commentary from one "alex neate james", bassist in the popular beat combo blur. it reveals that his son who was born last year is called geronimo. geronimo james.

that got me to thinking about the fact that the britpop generation have all begun their families fairly recently, and some have given their children rather outlandish names. though nothing to rival poor zowie bowie (now known as duncan jones) or rolan bolan (apparently still known as rolan bolan).

so from blur we have the aforementioned geronimo james (b.2003), plus pepper coxon (b.2000), missy albarn (b.1999). liam g has had a fair few: lennon with patsy kensit (b.1999), gene with nicole appleton (b.2001) and molly with lisa moorish (b.1997), while brother noel has a daughter, anais (b.2000). jarvis cocker, of course has a son called (possibly) albert bidault-waddington cocker (b.2003) pronounced alberrrr apparently).

there are more of course, but these are the leading britpop lights. there are certainly enough there to form their own little social scene (and a couple of bands). i look forward to 2021, when albarns, coxons, cockers and gallaghers will once again roam the streets of camden town. i imagine alberrr cocker and geronimo james playing pool in the good mixer, eying up pepper coxon and anais gallagher, while down the road in the dublin castle, molly moorish is fronting lennon and gene gallagher's band, and her little brother estile doherty (b.2002) is in the audience with missy albarn.

or maybe not.

4 gds sk

so a while ago, i signed up for an online dating thing. this was not out of any particular desperation to get paired up (although as the nights draw in...), more just a desire to meet new people and maybe have some fun. thus far i have not been massively successful. mostly because it seems i'm extremely difficult to please.

online dating presents a number of problems, the first of which is the sheer amount of information provided in each profile. there is definitely a certain amount of "oooh, she fancies angelina jolie, we'd never get on", in my responses to each person.

but much worse than that is my incredible prejudice against a certain sector of society, who seem to be particularly well represented on this particular site. i always knew i was fairly prejudiced against them, but really...

i actually hate people who cannot spell.

what i would love to find is someone who does not make a single spelling error on their page, does not list hip hop as their favourite kind of music, and doesn't scare me. thus far i have failed to find one.

there was, for instance, the woman who wrote that she was looking for someone who would "appresheait" her, or the woman who spelled 'other' without using o, t, h, e, or r (she spelled it 'uva', in case you were wondering).

txt spk is just ridiculous when you're typing, it takes hardly any time to type out a word properly.

even the people who seem reasonably appealing usually make rookie errors like confusing 'your' and 'you're', or not knowing how to use apostrophes.

gah. i am currently resigned to staying single forever.

incidentally, my profile is here. feel free to proofread it.

oh yeah

and i totally passed my masters i'm a fully qualified gerbilist now. all i need is a job to prove it.

you know that saying (which may well be from the tales of the city books) 'you can have a great house, a great partner and a great job but never all three at the same time', at the moment i would quite like one of those things. any one of them would be fine, i'm not particularly fussy.


i'm feeling distinctly blah at the moment. there's an episode of spaced where daisy says that she's going to spend the day investigating whether inactivity breeds laziness, then explains that she can't be bothered to write it up for an article. that is just how i feel.

for instance i just don't seem to be able to get enough sleep at the moment. not that i'm finding it hard to get to sleep, more that i'm finding it hard to wake up. i'll quite happily sleep for twelve hours and then have an afternoon nap. it's so wrong.

but the cat's enjoying it.