are the stars out tonight?

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quiet, loud, quiet

so while things may have been a little quiet here, i having been leading an exciting life... i got snapped at the ever-wonderful how does it feel, which i hadn't been to in ages. it remains my absolute all-time favourite clubnight. just thinking about it makes me feel warm inside. i went with stu (who also got caught on camera, and louise, and there were a few lovely sinisterines there too.

i made my first (suitably geeky) front page post on metafilter. i joined at the beginning of the year, and i'm pretty keen on it. i've yet to make it to a meet-up, but i fear it's only a matter of time.

the same day, a gang of us went to the wireless festival, which was ok. b&s played a set that was very heavy on the new album, which seemed a shame at a festival. they did play stars of track and field though. so i suppose i can't complain too much. the strokes, who headlined, seemed to be struggling to fill an hour and half, but they did play all 'the hits', so i was reasonably happy, if cold. wireless is a strange festival because it's so heavily corporate, and yet it has all the same sort of stalls as the average glastonbury/guilfest. so herbal highs and workers beer rub shoulders with the moto meadow and the superdrug bus. the bonus was that there was quite a lot of free stuff - including wine!

and the best thing (er, maybe) is that i got a nintendo ds lite on friday morning (yes, i got up early to get to the shop before work!). it's very beautiful, and i've become slightly addicted to brain training (my current brain age is 34, it started at 61, so i must be getting cleverer). i'm also enjoying animal crossing, so if anyone reading this is also playing it, drop me an email and we can swap friend codes.

and one final piece of good news - i've got argentina in the office sweepstake. it's looking promising!

meme me

courtesy of the baddidodo, who claims that i don't update often enough, and is absolutely right, a meme.

six weird facts or habits about me (that seems strangely ungrammatical)

1) two of my three favourite tv programmes have never been broadcast on terrestrial television in this country (that would be gilmore girls and veronica mars)
2) the noise my mobile makes when i get a text message is jarvis cocker singing "uh-oh-oh" from razzmatazz.
3) when i was little i hated birthday cake, and would only eat it on my own birthday, and then under duress. this cakephobia did not last, sadly.
4) i read the new york times online every day. i got hooked when i went on holiday last year, and now i feel incomplete if i don't know obscure ny gossip.
5) i have seven of the old glass lucozade bottles in a cupboard in my bedroom. at some point i am going to get the tops cut off and turn them into vases, but i've not got round to it in the last, er, ten years.
6) a couple of my colleagues asked me earlier today if i ever write about them on my blog. i never have before, but i think i just did.

usual rules apply, if you want to do this survey, please do! and if you do, let me know and i'll link it here.

i'm going to the seaside. more family lexicon when i get back. i promise. if you're lucky it'll be sea themed. though i may have already used that one.