are the stars out tonight?

life and stuff


i'm not bored of blogging... i love blogging, i love blogs. maybe i'm bored of the sound of my own internal monologue. which is what this is, after all. maybe it's that a month goes past at the speed of a week these days (i could have sworn it had been less than a month since i last posted). i never used to have anything to do with my time, and now i have too much.

it's a vicious circle, of course, the less i post, the less i want to visit atsot, because it looks so forlorn, and the less i visit it, the less i'm reminded to post. i hate seeing four-month-old posts on the front page, but i never feel inspired enough to actually write something to move them off it.

things are going to have to change round here. not drastically or anything, but i need to shake things up a bit. atsot turns four next tuesday (!) and i turn 25 a month later. i think we both need revitalising.

if you've got anything you'd like to see me post, or write about, or do, let me know in the comments box or by email. i'm going to try out a whole bunch of things over the next month, and your input would be triffic.