are the stars out tonight?

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living teh dream

yesterday, my brother and i finally did the broadband shuffle. and we're rocking the wireless connection. with the incredible result that i am totally sitting in bed and on the internet!

it's like a whole new world of wonder. or, ok it's the same world of wonder but i'm seeing it with different eyes. i mean, i downloaded the whole of the audiobook of the bad beginning from audible in 10 minutes. 10 minutes! (incidentally you can also download it for free from the times here).

the sheer wonder of the thing dazzles me.

hello copters

this was going to be my legendary post about my affinity with rabbits. which i have been planning to write for quite some time now.

but with bush tube station closed due to an "incident", and helicopters circling above, this prolly isn't the best time.

i should be ok though, the shop's just next to the mosque.

update at 14.12, they're evacuating the whole of bush green. there's a line of police tape about 10 metres from the shop door. i wanted to take some pics for you but a nice police lady told me i had to either walk away or stay in the shop, people are streaming past. very strange.

update at 14.19 the kids from the local primary school are going past now in a crocodile (with their teachers).

update at 14.35 the road is now eerily quiet - no cars, very few people - just the helicopters. according to the bbc a "man... threatened to blow himself up and then ran off" at the station (hammersmith and city). general consensus here is that it was a local loony, but maybe we're just cynical.

woke up this morning

when i first started reading blogs in early 2002, the majority i read were american. every time i found a new blog, i'd read the archives, starting with the entry for/about september 11th. i did this because it was a enormous international event that i could remember and i could contrast and compare my experiences of that day with those of the blogger.

i read some amazing posts on the subject, but there were also a lot of blogs where the author hadn't written anything, or had just briefly mentioned the events. at the time, i thought it was a cop-out. but at the moment i'm feeling as though words are inadequate. so i want you to know that i'm not just glossing over what happened last week. rather that i don't think i can properly express myself on the subject at the moment.

suffice to say that i'm far from "burning in fear"; i might be burning in fury, but i'm definitely not afraid. and i think that continuing to travel on the tubes and the buses is as good a message as anything i could post here.

you can donate here to the british red cross london bombings relief.

jury service haiku (#1)

because 17 syllables shouldn't be enough to find me in contempt. I hope.

Waiting in a room,
You listen as big ben tolls.
You've finished your book.

Preparing for trial,
A man asks for a Torah.
"The Old Testament?"

More to follow, i should think.