are the stars out tonight?

life and stuff


the computer at home sort of died, or at least it was impossible to switch on. quel nightmare. i have been internet-free for an entire week (not including wap of course). and my god things are crazy here: olav has taken down his blog, which was ace, because of some fucker from the torygraph, lily got all happy and gfdc got a nice new layout. and peter got chucked off fame academy. i really liked him.

i caught a cold, did a mystery shop, had a fight with my mum, made up with my mum, saw my entire family (well ok that's a bit of an exaggeration but it was both aunts and my nana), had the worst period cramps known to woman (rolling on the floor screaming in agony for more neurophen), signed up with a university and saw the tweeest (sp?) thing in the entire world.

the cutest thing in the entire world occurred on friday night when i was walking back from the tube station where i'd been getting passport photos. walking in front of me was a little girl and her mum, the little girl, who was probably about five or six, was carrying a toy tiger, and i thought, "wow that's sweet, she takes her favourite toy to school". but no, her mother was carrying a folder with the words "the adventures of tommy the tiger" on it, and she was saying, as i walked past "oh look you even get a certificate to say that you looked after him.

so instead of taking a class pet home they take tommy the tiger, and then they get to write all about his adventures, in the folder. will he go to the zoo, or the swimming pool, or will he stay at home and watch the telly? well i thought it was cute. i was gonna take a picture, but i thought that her mum might get a bit scared.


There is nothin' like a dame says the old song. But what about two dames? Namely judi dench and maggie smith who happened to be in the restaurant we were in earlier. In fact, professor mcgonagall and m were sitting at the next table to us. They're down in Cornwall filming something called the ladies in lavender and apparently they're staying in st ives, although this is the first we've seen of them. We're all quite excited.


i really enjoyed the mitford girls, but as with all biography, it made me terribly sad. because i'm a fast reader, you see, and people's lives tend to vanish in a blink of an eye, so one moment they're setting up a running away account and begging their mothers to allow them to go to school, and the next they're dying in california, riddled with cancer. alright maybe that was a bit specific, but still. i wonder if decca felt her life went extremely quickly - decades disappearing in the blink of an eye.

sometimes life feels like that to me, am i really 22? how did i get here? etc etc. which is why i rather like keeping a blog. it allows me to keep track of the day to day randomness which would otherwise be forgotten.

last night i dreamed about the apocalypse again. i blame douglas.


needless to say i am not suddenly a millionaire, but the sun's shining and i'm by the sea, so all is pretty much well. i am blogging from a library, which is slightly scary. but the first half an hour is free, so i'm making the most of it.

there's a rather entertaining picture of me on stu's website. in it i'm wearing my nautical top, which has been my constant companion since i bought it. i'm also wearing a ribbon, but that's irrelevant.

yeah, so in other news, i haven't tried to kill my parents yet (nor have i in fact had the desire to), i have finished the really wonderful carter beats the devil which gina gave me, and i've moved on to the mitford girls which stu presented me with. in fact everyone gave me enormous books for my birthday, which i was absolutely thrilled with - there's almost nothing i like more than to be curled up with a nice chunky paperback of an afternoon.

oh. my time's nearly up. and the librarian looks scary. better post before it's too late.


i was getting hits from astrofish last week, which made no sense to me, i tried to investigate, but i was told i had to have a password. there were more hits this week, and this time i got through.

apparently, "At least one Virgo will get lucky, starting this weekend.... Mars is still stirring interpersonal relationship problems so don't sweat it if that luck doesn't involve romance just yet". um, what? in cast you didn't notice, that "one virgo" bit is a link to this blog. does that mean i personally am going to get lucky this week? if so, i've never known a horoscope to be so specific, normally they're of the vague "tall dark stranger" variety so you can fit your life and whatever problems/opportunities you're having around them.

i've never really been much of a believer in superstitions. sarah l is always walking round drains and wishing on sugar spiders and stars and eyelashes, clapping if anyone says thankyou to the person who blesses them after they sneeze and bowing to single magpies. meanwhile i keep a black cat in the house and regularly ignore fallen pennies. if i read my horoscope at all it's in a sneery, sarcastic, post-modern ironic way. it's really all a kind of medieval hangover, an attempt to find a pattern to life using the most flimsy of explanations.

so obviously i bought a lottery ticket this afternoon.